The Story Of Paul R

The Story Of Paul R  :


On the 23rd of December with the last orders taken and the everything shut down for christmas I went out Christmas shopping 🛍 .


I received a ping on my phone from the business bank 🏦, a regular occurrence normally but seeing as we were shut I thought it odd.


When I arrived home I checked with the bank saying that a payment had gone out for £10.79 to DPD delivery 📦 .


It was Paul R who ordered our cables for Christmas 🎄 but because Royal Mail had been having problems his parcel had got lost.


My business partner could have ignored Pauls email as we were shut for Christmas, instead he came in to work and paid for the only service which would get the cables to Paul in time. He did not question it or worry about the cost, our cables cost £9.99 and Adam paid £10.79 to make sure Pauls got his to his family in time.


Thanks for doing the right thing Adam.


We hope you had a lovely Christmas Paul.


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