Power To The Post Campaign

#Powertothepost  ⚡️💫 📦✅


The #Powertothepost campaign is lending a hand to all the amazing parcel delivery drivers across the country. With the outbreak of COVID-19 delivery 🚚 services have been under enormous strain, with our local postman saying “It has been like Christmas since July...now it’s Christmas on top of Christmas.”


This year the whole of Christmas seems to be coming through the post. Whether it be Amazon, Hermes or Royal Mail, we are relying on their services. Small businesses everywhere have been kept afloat by their online orders so it’s time to for a thank you. Whether it be a friendly greeting or a mince pie on the go let’s do something nice for the drivers.


At www.clickcablez.com we are kicking things off by pledging 100 travel Clickcablez to keep the devices of our delivery drivers fully charged through the long shifts this December. If you’re a delivery/takeaway driver of any kind just visit our website and order one of our #Powertothepost cables, then reply to the confirmation email with a picture of you on shift. We only ask you pay a small packing and delivery fee (£3.50), the rest is on us.


We’d like as many businesses and individuals to help and give what they can so please like, share and take part using #Powertothepost


Many thanks to all the delivery drivers of Royal Mail for keeping our small business going.


Michael Merritt


Co-founder of Clickcablez


Website : www.clickcablez.com