5 tips for productive home working

1.) Make yourself a designated office or at least a work “station”.

Avoid the temptation, don’t make your office the sofa and preferably not your bedroom this is ripe for distraction. Invest in a good desk, chair and computer so that you’re comfortable, but not so comfortable that you’ll be tempted to slack off. It is important to have a clear distinction between work and play areas, when you’re working from home the lines are blurred.

2.) Create a to-do list each day

Create a to-do list, no more than five things. Ask yourself the question “if I could do only one thing today which of these would I do?”, this will reveal the most important not necessarily the most urgent task. Do this first. This gives a sense of accomplishment the “its all down hill from here” effect. All the other less important tasks will fall into place throughout the rest of the day.

3.) Get Outside take a break

Leave the house everyday no exceptions. The average attention span of an adult human is between 10 and 20 minutes make sure to take breaks. Why not get outside, go for a walk take in the fresh air clear your head and get your bearings on the task at hand.

4.) Set Boundaries with others at home

Having more time to spend with family while working from home is great but it is important that they have clear rules. Explain about interruptions, try having a sign near your work station to let everyone know when you’re on video. Set the expectation for house work, walking the dog etc sometimes you will have time but not always.

5.) Enjoy the perks

Every week do something a little special, use the perks of home working. Take a bike ride in your lunch hour, have breakfast with a friend or bake a loaf of bread. There a so many things that when the office opens up again you won’t be able to do so now is the time to enjoy the perks.